Character Development

Group 6.

Joe, Joey, Devin, Tristan

Simile: Figure of speech that compares two different things using like or as.
Ex: As thick as a brick
Suspense: That quality of a literary work that makes the reader or audience uncertain or tense about the outcome of events.
Ex: The jaws music, a high rise an action, someone will get eaten.
Symbol: Person, place, or object that stands for something beyond itself.
Ex: The American Flag
external image 225px-Americanflags.jpg
external image 225px-Americanflags.jpg

Theme: Central ideas the writer intends to share with the reader.
Ex: The best things in life are free
Tone: A literary technique that adds attitude towards the subject and towards the audience.
Ex: The daily show with Jon Stewart
Tragedy: Is a form of art based on a human suffering that offers the audience pleasure and suspense.
Ex: 9 11, many died.
flame erupts from south tower seen from some distance away
flame erupts from south tower seen from some distance away

Voice: A literary term used to describe the writing style of an author.
Ex:The Speak, the main character would tell the story as if she were talking to us.
Catharsis: A term in dramatic art that describes the emotional cleansing, sometimes in a play as occurring for one or more of its characters, part of the audience's experiences.
Ex:When Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights.

Group 2

Mitch, Brian, Christian, Ian, Danny, Jenny


Characterization: The way a character acts, appears, and is decribed. Ex]

Climax: The Major turning point of the story. Ex] The final fight between Harry and Voldemort in the last movie.

Comic Relief: An amusing scene that breaks up an emotional part of the story.
Ex] George and Fred, Fred cracks jokes throughtout the movie at emotional parts.

Conflict: A struggle between opposing forces. Ex] Throughout the movie, Harry and Voldemort have many conflicts.

Internal: A conflict between the character and himself . Ex] Because Harry is part of Voldemort he has to go inside himself and fight him off .

External: A conflict between another character or society/nature/fate. Ex] Harry vs. Malfoy

Man vs. Man: Character vs. Character Ex] Harry vs. Voldemort.

Man vs. Society: Character vs. Element of society
Ex] Harry vs. the Students at Hogwarts
(Some of them just want harry to turn himself in and end the war)

Man vs. Nature: Character vs. Element of Nature or Natural Disaster Ex] Harry vs. the Forbidden Forest and the fear of dying.

Man vs. Fate:Man vs. The storyline that the author writes. Ex] In the last movie, Harry finnaly confronts his fate with Voldemort.

DH - Voldemort VS. Harry Final Duel 03.jpg
DH - Voldemort VS. Harry Final Duel 03.jpg

Group 3 – Kristina, Amy, Amela, Liz, & Mikayla
Dialect - The vocabulary that is native to a specific group of people.
Ex- People with accents or speak a different language.

Dialogue- Characters having a conversation.
Ex- "Morning loser," said Billy "Good morning to you," said Bod.

Exposition- The part of a literary work that provides information necessary to understand characters/their actions.
Ex- Setting out a point of view or an explanation of a subject. (

Extended metaphor- A comparison between two unlike things that continues throughout a series of sentences in a paragraph or poem.
Ex- Emily Dickenson’s: Hope as a "Little Bird". "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches the soul, And sings the tune- without the words, And never stop at all."

Fable- A story that teaches a moral.
Ex- The Tortoise and The Hare, "Slow And Steady Wins The Race"

Falling Action - After the climax, reveal the outcome of events & to tie up any loose ends.
Ex - In "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," by J.K. Rowling, the falling action occurs after the climax of Professor Snape's apparent hex upon Harry during the Quidditch match. (

Figurative Language - Communicates ideas beyond meaning of words. (Saying something and meaning something deeper than the original thought)
Ex – “All the world’s a stage,” Robert Frost often referred to them simply as figures. (

Flashback - A scene that interrupts the action to describe events that took place earlier.
Ex - In the TV Series, Lost, they play flashbacks to right before the plane crashed.

Foil - A character that has traits that contrasts/clashes with another character.
Ex - In the movie "Mean Girls" the two major characters,Regina and Cady, personalities clash.

Foreshadowing - The writers use of hints and clues for the reader, to guess what happens next.
Ex - Someone is going on a scavenger hunt.