Antagonist- One that tries to stop the protagonist from completes its job/goal; the bad guy

Plankton is the antagonist to Spongebob in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie because Plankton is trying to stop Spongebob from finding King Neptune's crown

Antihero- One that isn't the traditional hero, yet they still have the good intentions of one

V is an antihero because though he may look like a villian, his intentions are to show that the people shoudn't be afraid of their government, but that the government should be afraid of their people

Hero- The main character who engages the reader's interest

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? A hero! Spongebob is a hero because he is the main character in the show

Static Character- A character that doesn't change throught the story

Kramer just does whatever he wants in the show Seinfield. He never learns from his mistakes and he never changes. Thus, he is a static character
Kramer's 1st Invention

Dynamic Character- One that changes throughout the story due to the action of the plot

Beast is a dynamic character because at the beginning, he just wanted everyone to miserable like him. But at the end, his feelings of compassion and love grew for Belle, as well as his servants

Flat character- A character that is seen often, but no one knows any details about

'Janitor' is definitely a flat character in the show, Scrubs. He only shows up to torment J.D. and he doesn't even have a name!

Round character- A charcter we know alot about and act more as real people

We all can relate to Homer Simpson somehow. He's lazy, funny, curious, and just someone we can laugh at and say "Haha, i remember when I tried that too". For this, he is a round character

Stock character- Characters that are stereotypical

Vicky is the epitome of a mean babysitter. She is the one that will send you to bed early, mooch off of your parent's home, and throw a party only to leave you to clean it up. As the typical mean babysitter, she is a stock character
The Icky Vicky Song

Foil- Charcter that contrasts another charcter to bring out qualities of that character (usually the protagonist)

Donkey is a foil to Shrek because he highlights the wits and patience that Shrek has
Shrek on Onions