Character VS. Character

This is when a character faces problems with another character within the plot.
One example of this can be seen in Harry Potter, where Harry often struggles against Voldemort.
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Character VS. Social Environment

This is when a character clashes with the values and customs of the society that they are in.
In Edward Scissorhands, Edward struggles with trying to live in a new environment where he is not always accepted.
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Character VS. Physical Environment

This is when a character comes into conflict with their surroundings.
In Madagascar, penguins, who should be living in very cold conditions, are thrown into the hot weather of Madagascar.
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Character VS. Self

This is when a character faces problems with him or herself.
This can be seen in Spiderman 3, where a dark existence takes over spiderman's body and causes an internal struggle.
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Character VS. Supernatural

This is when the character faces problems against God, ghosts, aliens, monsters, or any other supernatural force.
In the Ghostbusters movies, the ghostbusters constantly face problems with ghosts.
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Character VS. Fate

This is when a character struggles with the predetermined path that must be taken.
In Back to the Future, Marty struggles with fate as he accidentially prevents his parents from meeting, gambling his life's existance.
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