Verbal Irony-

It can be said as an understatement like "This food isn't bad!"Verbal irony can also be a hyperbole where someone overstates one's views, for example two friends go out to eat and one says "This is litterly the biggest burger I’ve ever seen!" Last but not least there is sarcasm, for example, sponge bob is clearly angry at the table and the host said "well aren't you a ray of sunshine!".

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Situational Irony

-Can be looked at as positive or negative; it is the unlikely ness of a situation happening, but it happens anyways! For example in the movie the proposal, two people were forced o vacation together and act married, they did not like each other at all but at the end of the movie they fell in love. Click on >>>> movie clip

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Dramatic Irony

in many movie plots and books, the viewer knows more than the actual character. For example in all of the final destination movies, the viewers know more than the character. Click on>>> movie clip

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Dramatic irony- When the reader of a story knows more than the characters do.

For the most painfully obvious example, Romeo and Juliet. You know that Romeo and Juliet are going to kill themselves at the end, and it's going to be a tragedy, but the characters are unaware. Another well known, but also painfully obvious example is The Diary of Ann Frank. You know before you read it the Frank family is captured and found, but you still read the story.
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