Plot: A sequence of events, that occurs in a movie or story, from beginning to end.
story.pngA picture of the events that occur in a story

Exposition: Provides information before the story to clue readers and viewers into what has already happened.
The picture on the right gives us an understanding of who the bad guy is and who the good guy is. The picture on the right is another definition.

Rising Action: The point of the story where everything is building up towrds the climax of the story.
The picture on the left is another definition of rising action. On the right is a clip of Scooby doo where he is being chased by a villan which is rising action.

Climax: The moment in the story where everything that has been building up is released and it is the turning point in most storys. There can be more than one climax. image climax.bmp
This is a scene from Harry Potter where Voldemort(his antagonist) returns to life which is the major climax of the story. On the right is another definition of climax.

Falling Action: A series of events that happen after the climax leading to the final resolution.
external image falling%20action.gif&t=1external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzsONYSrJ6nYNH-aytkr6XBwZ-LUdjLPiGngqM-5IuWZ4s3jg6
A definition of falling action. On the right is a picture from Toy Story 3 where Andy is giving away all of his toys leading to the resolution.

Resolution/ Denoument: The solving of the problem. The ending explianation of the story.

On the right we see two people coming to an agreement and resolving thier issues. On the left we have another definition of resolution.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTYmZ0bDKZjq0BbrYAz6bdnYJ36PPvug9upiSqj1iPp4ug63QC8