Physical Setting - The surroundings in which something is set; scene which the story occurs in. In the Harry Potter series, the story occurs in Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. This is crticial because as Harry Potter unravels the mysteries that lurk in the deep creveases of the school, he also unveils the truth behind his own personal secrets as well. The television series, the Simpsons, takes place in the city of Springfield, which is the representation of an average American's hopes and dreams, as well as their daily experiences.
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Seen on the left is a snapshot from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, where the whole story unfolds in San Francisco, California. San Francisco is a large city where there are many opportunities to start a career, and the main character, Chris Gardner, takes advantage of this. On the right is the cover of CSI: Miami. The whole show takes place in Miami, different crimes occur everyday, and Miami's fast-paced lifestyle ensures that the investigators will cover the whole city, looking for clues to solve the case.

Social Setting – The environment which the characters are located in, it is shown by the people around them and the demands the community has of the character. As seen in the novel The Giver, the protagonist Jonas operates in a social setting where everything is the same for everyone, and also he lives in a society that is monotone devoid of emotion. His goal is to escape the community to change this social setting. Similarly, in the novel Fahrenheit 451, Guy lives in a society where the government and law enforcement aim to turn a dystopian society into one where nobody gets hurts and everyone is an equal. Books are burned by the fire department in order to keep people in check, and to not allow them to receive ideas of rebellion and uniqueness.

Friday Night LightsThe_Outsiders_book.jpg The hyperlink "Friday Night Lights" shows the Permian high school football team running onto the field at Dallas Stadium. The whole city of Odessa lives for high school football, and it is the center of all social life in the city. The Outsiders is a novel where people from two distinct economic classes live together. There are the Socs, who are wealthy as well as popular. On the contrary there are the greasers who are unpopular and whose family's are very poor.

Temporal Setting - The time of a story, or the length of subsequent events. The movie Around The World in 80 Days takes place in early October of 1872. The story spans 80 days, ending in late December of 1872. The television series 24 promotes its temporal setting, showing 24 1 hour episodes, as a result a season constitutes of events taking place in just one day.
The Next Three Days is a set in modern time, where all the events span over a period of three days.

Time Span - How much time elapses before the meaning of a literary work is discovered. In the novel the Scarlet Letter, one has to wait for Hester Prynne to be released from prison to see how she has changed and developed as a person. In movies like Friday Night Lights, one has to watch from the beginning of the season to the end, observing not only how the team performs on the field but how they grow together off of it.

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The movie 127 hours is about a man whose arm gets pinned under a boulder in a valley, and how he reevaluates his life over 5 days. The novel Running Out of Time is about a girl who has diphtheria and how she must leave her village and retrieve a cure for her disease before she herself falls because of the sickness

Time Period – What era in history the story took place. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck focuses on the struggles of sharecroppers during the Great Depression. On the other hand, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is set during the "roaring 20's", where Americans were succeeding and gaining wealth like never before.
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Braveheart takes place in the 13th century, where William Wallace leads Scotland's surge for independence against King Edward of England.

Uncle Tom's Cabin derives from life in the 1850's, the years leading up to the Civil War. It is an anti-slavery novel, which shows how life was for Eliza, a slave, and consequently entails her escape to freedom.